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This Agency doesn't require you to present State/ Federal-issued ID as a safety precaution. However, if you prefer to pay as a Donor to a Registered Charity, you will be required to identify yourself if you want to declare a legitimate tax deduction.  In so doing, there will be no paperwork linking you to the Provider, and this agency will not disclose your identity to the Provider.  You assume full responsibility for your actions if you cheat, offend, or injure the Providers in any form or fashion whatsoever! On the other hand, we assume full responsibility if a Provider fails to keep a date after a deposit has been payed. We will promptly refund the amount, but ONLY if this agency booked the assignment.  If you book a date with a Provider directly, without going through this agency, we will not be liable for any loss you may sustain.  To be certain that a Provider works with this agency, simply check to see if her picture is in our photo gallery and that she has an email address with an @Execaters.Com extension. Send a verification message to her address and this agency will receive a copy of it.  You will then receive an email from Execaters@Execaters.Com either confirming or denying her.